stine mikkelsen


Year : 2017
Materials : Crushed granite, rope, tin and fish glue.

Stine Mikkelsen has created a collection of objects inspired by the rough harbour environment on the Danish island where she grew up. The project is based on the concept of how one can use textile design methods, to produce a collection of sculptural objects, which has a reference to the use of function.  

Many traditional crafts are disappearing from the maritime community. Knowledge is on the brink of being lost forever. Through these objects, Stine Mikkelsen wants to visualize the importance and the qualities of such craft so that people might reflect on their cultural and historical identity. This is why each object is handmade while remaining true to the raw material and with the making process apparent in the final object.  

Stine Mikkelsen’s universe is very intuitive and speaks to human curiosity. Through creating surfaces that do not allow for immediate determination of the material or production method and through creating objects that do not have an easy-to-guess practical function, she wants to evoke wonder in us all and provide us with an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the objects.

Stine diverts the use of everyday objects by incorporating raw and enigmatic textures creating a unique collection on the borther between decorative elements and conceptual work of art. 


Category : Limited Edition of  3 or 5  


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Tactile Monolith  # 1

Tactile Monolith  # 2

Tactile Monolith  # 3

Tactile Monolith  # 4

Tactile Monolith  # 5

Tactile Monolith  # 6

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