CARRARA , seating elements
elissa lacoste

Year : 2019
Materials : Polyurethane, hand modeled silicone, white carrara marble powder. 
Size bench :  H22,04"   W64.96"   D23,62"   (  H56   W165   D60 cm  ) 

Size stool   :  H18,89"   W29,52"   D21,65"   (  H48   W75     D55 cm  ) 


Carrara is a collection of two seating elements playing on a versatile approach of design between sculpture and function.

The formlessness and ambiguity of their shapes are evocative of an otherness suggesting a breach of the natural and the familiar, all while maintaining functionality. They provoke a cognitive dissonance when the cold aspect of the marble-like texture becomes soft and comfortable upon use.

A smooth block of marble, a calcified recumbent effigy, creatures lying passively or moving gooey entities: they carry a certain fiction- lingering between real and surreal, materiality and imagination- within the domestic landscape.


Category :  Unique piece     ( Bespoke Editions are available upon request )


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