AROUND OBJECT I , side table / stool
jinsik yun


Year : 2020
Materials : Hand modeled Styrofoam, Black Stained Plywood.

Size : H16,5"   W17"   D12"   ( H42   W44   D31 cm )


Linoleum, which was created in 1863 as a flooring material, is seen as a furniture top 100 years later. Such applications of materials can be applied in a variety of places. Around Object is intended for the purpose of breaking away from generalization of building materials. It seeks to ‘diversify’ with ‘simplicity’ and ‘functionality’.It challenges new inspirational areas with ‘diversification’ of materials from objects to space.

The first start of Around Object is the "diversification" of Styrofoam, which is used as an insulating material. Styrofoam, which is used between the legs, was applied to furniture as a different image change. It is a work that takes into account visual fun and practicality by highlighting the advantages of ‘crowd’ in stone shape.

Category : Open Edition


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