Aybar Gallery  works side by side with the most acclaimed and influential Designers and Artists, able to transform ideas and concepts into products and projects , the gallery, exhibits, produces and commissions original designs and offers Curational Services for Museums, Cultural Institutions, Private Galleries and Collectors  


Aybar Gallery is founded on the principle of creative collaboration between designer and  gallery and is proposing a selection of  Unique, Limited Editions and One-of-a-Kind works collaborating directly with the designers on site-specific projects which are featured in solo shows in its space in Miami and with International apparitions at the best Collectors Fairs.


Image : Detail of  Logolith Wall Sculpture by Irina Razumovskaya
             Hand-crafted Unique Work.


Blending together Architectural forms and Natural shapes, Irina Razumovskaya Artworks let herself work intuitively using her aesthetic preferences and tacit knowledge.Regarding the craft aspect of Irina’s work, she creates a core made of strong, geometric stoneware clay.The various layers of ceramic materials are applied subsequently. Then, all these materials start to melt and “ peel ” in the firing, creating an unexpected result and imaginative Artworks.

The Archi collection comissioned by Aybar Gallery is purely an artistic body of work. It’s lighter, subtle colours allow it to fit clean modern spaces with minimalistic silouettes that have a tremendous ability to pull the viewer in. 

For this sculptures, Irina combines sandblasted ceramic shapes with layers of glaze and rough concrete surfaces to evoke the decay of architectural structures, with dusty and monochrome colours, layers of peeling paint and crumbling stone."