TIPSTUDIO is Imma Matera and Tommaso Lucarini, a Florentine based duo driven by a material research with a more poetic process to investigate and explore new universes.They are determined to transform any idea into a narrative project to catch emotions. 

They believe that through a depth processes and territories research they can create simple and unique objects, capable of expressing the direct experience that matter and sensations generate.The form is just the shape of the process. It becomes the output of a path of experimentation on material and immaterial values trying to interpret the design of today. Their works come from the blending of anthropological aspects, conceptual analysis and territories in a continuous intertwining between their cities, the history and the poetic of Matera with the materiality and the experimental of Pietrasanta. Currently TIPSTUDIO works across different disciplines, companies and artisans to create new products, unique pieces and concepts in a continuous journey.