talia mukmel


Year : 2016
Materials : PHA, PLA ( a manufactured bio-plastic produced from the starch found in corn and sugar cane )
Colors : Natural and brown.

Large bottle : H14"  Diameter 4,33"  ( H35  Diameter 11 cm )
Small bottle : H11"  Diameter 3,8"    ( H28  Diameter 9,7 cm ) 

The choice to design water bottles resulted from Talia Mukmel's desire to create an object expressing the spirit of a given historical period combined with a contemporary vision. During the process, Talia experimented with different techniques in order to find a way by which I could preserve the attributes found in ancient hand work, while utilizing techniques of production based on today’s modern materials.

Category : Limited Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P,  ( Numbered and signed pieces )


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