duccio maria gambi


Year : 2018
Materials : Fiber reinforced and pigmented concrete, recycled plastic.

Size : H16,92"   W41,33"   D11,81"   ( H43   W105   D30 cm ) 


In Inerte Grafico recycled plastic is used as a graphic element into the concrete casting process.
Discarded plastic objects are cut into small pieces and then added to the fluid mass of concrete. Once the concrete hardened plastic is brought to surface by hand sculpting the hardened piece and eliminating the very first layer fo concrete in a Terrazzo like technique.

Ecologically speaking through this process plastic is on one side taken apart and enclosed in a definitive volume avoiding it to disperse in nature. Part of the collection is created recovering plastic bits from beaches and seashores.Plastic becomes a colored detail and renders a graphic, randomly distributed, addiction to monolithic pieces.The first series of the collection is composed by a coffee-table, a bench, a stool and a vase. All pieces are created following a monolithic aesthetic to exalt the mass and the block-like attitude.


Category : Unique work      ( One-of-a-Kind pieces are available upon request )


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