KAMEH , patina bench

Year : 2023
Materials : Metal, Oxidized Patina or White Lacquered Metal.

Size : 
H18"    W90"     D18"
          H45      W230    D45 cm    

Kameh’s latest collection, the Kameh 0.3 drop, invites you to rediscover the boundless world of childhood imagination. in a nod to the days when kids had nothing but a blank sheet of paper and limitless creativity, Kameh presents its most enchanting collection to date. 

Embrace a journey to recapture the pure essence of creativity, a time when there were no preconceived notions, barriers, or limitations. The inspiration behind this drop harks back to the early years when children had yet to experience the weight of the world and its expectations. Minimalism, often defined by its simplicity and functionality, takes on a new meaning in this collection as Kameh reimagines minimalism, infusing it with a childlike sense of wonder. 

Each piece in this collection testifies to the power of simplicity, where less is undeniably more, and the absence of color paradoxically explodes with creativity. 

At the heart of this collection lies a fascinating creative process. Each piece in the Kameh 0.3 drop is crafted from metal, shaped by the artful interaction of Metalwork and Air. The use of air circulation within each piece results in a distinct, One-of-a-Kind creation. Witness the captivating transformation of perfect forms into delightful imperfections, as the very air changes the shapes of each object. 

This is the collection of dreams. It serves as a reminder that we should never lose touch with our inner child — The part of us that once believed anything was possible. These pieces invite us to sit, relax, and daydream as if we were back in our childhood. 

Category :   Unique Works   (  Numbered in the serie and signed by the Artist )


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