richard hutten


Year : 1995 - 2000
Materials : 
Size : H30,70"   W39,37   D17,71"  ( H78   W100   D45 cm ) 

Category : Limited edition of 10       ( Edition number  8 /10  available at the Gallery,  signed and numbered by Richard Hutten )

Transformation usually occurs in the stages preceding the final product during conceptualization and making. Consisting of a tabletop, one back and five legs, Richard Hutten's "Thing22" continues to morph once finished.

The famous and iconic "Things" furniture series, starting with "Thing 1" in 1995 and continuing in 2000. Playful and absurd, it exemplifies Hutten's "no-sign-of-design" style, where design is not the shape but the idea. Thing pieces are Limited Edition and have been created an special attention in the eyes of Design & Art Collectors, Museums, Private Galleries or First class Hotels as Delano Hotel Miami.



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